Forgotten password / DVR doesn't allow admin user to login

Cobra (All models)

If the end user has forgotten the password, or the user file has become corrupted and no one can login, follow this procedure.

On the front panel of the DVR, locate the Sequence/OK button in the middle of the 4 direction arrows. Press this 20 times in succession, then the ESC button. The screen will ask you confirm if you want to erase the setup file.

On older models/firmwares, this will only reset the user accounts and passwords back to default. Newer models also wipe the current configuration. In either case, the recorded video is preserved.



There is a master password required to reset the unit. For security reasons we cannot publish this, please contact technical support by clicking 'Submit Request' at the top of this page.




With the power off, hold the POWER and STOP buttons on the front panel. Keep these held in and turn the power on. Wait for one beep, then a second beep before releasing the buttons. After booting, the password will be reset to 111111.



The ability to reset the password varies between models, some cannot be reset and have to be sent to a Samsung repair centre to have the firmware flashed. For those that do allow this, use the remote control to enter this sequence:


If it doesn't work at first, try again and at increased speed.


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