Cobra HDT-H

Firmware version 1.6.045 October 2017

4 Channel - H6R04_COBRA45.bin

8 Channel - H6R08_COBRA45.bin

16 Channel - H6R16_COBRA45.bin

Emergency Firmware Update
Use this when the unit isn't starting up, or when instructed by a technician. To install, open the zip file, drag the 'EMERGENCY_FW_UPGRADE' folder across to your USB stick. Turn off the machine and insert the USB, then turn back on. The screen will advise what to do next. This will return the unit to factory default settings. The contents of your USB stick should look like this:

Setup Guide PDF



VMS software for Windows (Version 309, updated 09/11/17)
Default password for VMS is '1111111'. If upgrading from a previous version, run the installer twice (once to remove, again to reinstall).
VMS Manual

RMS software for Windows (Version 449, updated 11/12/17)

Mac Viewer 2.0 (v1.03 updated 29/09/2017)

Backup Player for Windows
SmartEyesPro for Android
SmartEyesPro for Apple

Cobra HD-TVI Calculator



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