Uniview Software



Name Platform Version Description Notes Date Link
EZToolsEZTools.PNG Windows v1103 B0010 Set of tools that allow you to find, configure and address Uniview cameras and NVRs on the local network. Also includes the HDD calculator. Now supports HDD calculation for U-CODE  02/06/17 Download
EZStationEZstation.PNG Windows v1102 B0060 Full featured Video Management Software for both cameras and NVRs Now supports EZDDNS 22/06/17 Download
EZPlayerEZPlayer.PNG Windows v1111_1.0.2 Allows playback of UVRD files from IP Camera SD Cards. 1. Supports automatic playing of the next file.
2. Allows maximizing the watermark detection window to full screen.
3. Optimized effects of playing low frame rate recordings
30/03/17 Download
EZPluginEZPlugin.PNG MacOS v1198M-1.2.0 Allows web access to a UNV NVR via Safari on a Mac only. Installation Guide 19/07/17 Download
EZViewD40cBn5Wm-lqhDI2VLJQ2fkK5-du1H5vKrACBUpupLzs64g8uO96LeFUA9uYeC7CrfE_w300-rw_1_ Android See app listing Mobile client for Android phones and tablets See app listing See app listing Google Play
EZViewD40cBn5Wm-lqhDI2VLJQ2fkK5-du1H5vKrACBUpupLzs64g8uO96LeFUA9uYeC7CrfE_w300-rw_1_ IOS See app listing Mobile Client for Apple iPhone and iPad See app listing See app listing App Store


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