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  1. Covert High Definition Hidden Camera Sunglasses - Set TimeCovert High Definition Hidden Camera Sunglasses - Set Time [Article]
    ...the time on the Covert High Definition Hidden Camera Sunglasses:- - Connect the sunglasses to a PC with the USB cable - Create a text file on the SD Card called time.txt
  2. HD - Firmware UpdatesHD - Firmware Updates [Article]
    HD 8 & 16 Firmware v1.53.04 : Download - Improved Android mobile phone videostreaming
  3. Mosquito Mk4 - Setup InstructionsMosquito Mk4 - Setup Instructions [Article]
    Mosquito MK4 Additional setup instructions
  4. Blade - PTZ SetupBlade - PTZ Setup [Article]
    Please review the manual available here: Blade Manual page The PTZ setup is covered in the manual. Some quick notes listed below.
  5. Twilight Pro & IR Dome Camera - RotationTwilight Pro & IR Dome Camera - Rotation [Article]
    ...rees as the internal structure does not support this? Answer: When mounting this camera to a wall, with the entry point located at th
  6. Blade - Firmware UpdatesBlade - Firmware Updates [Article]
    Please find the latest firmware for the Blade 8 and 16 DVR's listed below Released: 31/01/2011 Blade 8/16 Version 1.53.08:
  7. Mosquito MKII - Installation InstructionsMosquito MKII - Installation Instructions [Article]
    Were to install? The sound the Mosquito generates is very directional so it is important that the area to be covered is correctly identified so that the unit is effective. The front pl
  8. Killer Blade - Monitor port selectionKiller Blade - Monitor port selection [Article]
    How do I change the video output made on the Killer Blade. If you wish to switch from VGA, DVI or Coax to any other connection, this is the process to change the video output mode of the Ki
  9. XDH - Firmware UpdatesXDH - Firmware Updates [Article]
    N.B. These firmware updates are for the XDH (H.264) and not the XD (MPeg 4) For the XD Please go to XD Firmware Updates Fo
  10. Cobra 960 and Venom 960 FirmwareCobra 960 and Venom 960 Firmware [Article]
    Version 11.1.011 - released 09/04/14 For upgrading a DVR on version 10.x.x Please note that this is a major
  11. XDH ct (compact) - Firmware UpdatesXDH ct (compact) - Firmware Updates [Article]
    N.B. These firmware updates are for the XDHct (H.264) and not the XD or XDH Recorders Download and install the appropriate Firmware/RamDisk below Firmware versio
  12. XDH Pro - Firmware UpdatesXDH Pro - Firmware Updates [Article]
    N.B. These firmware updates are for the XDH Pro (H.264) and not the XDH (H.264) or XD (MPeg 4) For the XDH or XD Please go to XDH F
  13. Balun King PTZ Balun - Pin OutsBalun King PTZ Balun - Pin Outs [Article]
    Please note the pin conenctions for the Balun King PTZ balun - BK PTZ2 with Push in connections.
  14. Balun King Powered Balun - Pin OutsBalun King Powered Balun - Pin Outs [Article]
    Please find the pin reference for the Power Balun BK PB2, this is a push in connection balun
  15. Balun King - Powered Balun - BK PB1Balun King - Powered Balun - BK PB1 [Article]
    ...details for the Powered Balun BK PB1. This is teh power and video balun with RJ45 socket.
  16. Wiring Diagram for Samsung CAT5 RJ45 Camera CablesWiring Diagram for Samsung CAT5 RJ45 Camera Cables [Article]
    The diagram below shows the connector pinouts of the proprietary cables supplied with the Samsung SDE-3003 kit. Use thi
  17. Cobra / Venom Elite - Password ResetCobra / Venom Elite - Password Reset [Article]
    To recover the password when set and forgotten, there is a key sequence to reset the unit back to factory defaults. Press the Sequence button 20 times, then press the ESC (escape) key.
  18. How to set up the RXCAM app on iPhoneHow to set up the RXCAM app on iPhone [Article]
    Once the app has been installed from the App Store, tap the RXCam icon on your home screen.
  19. Iiyama 19" LED - Turn off Power savingIiyama 19" LED - Turn off Power saving [Article] it? Answer: The iiyama 19" LED monitors come with power
  20. Cobra / Venom - Beeps on startupCobra / Venom - Beeps on startup [Article]
    Please note this page does not apply to the new Elite and Alpha range. Question: I power on my DVR and it beeps constantly, what is causing this? The video is also displayed
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