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  1. XD & XDH - Mobile Phone SoftwareXD & XDH - Mobile Phone Software [Article]
    Mobile Phone applications There are a number of mobile phone dedicated applications that offer an improved interface, however if you do not have one of the below list
  2. XDH - Firmware UpdatesXDH - Firmware Updates [Article]
    N.B. These firmware updates are for the XDH (H.264) and not the XD (MPeg 4) For the XD Please go to XD Firmware Updates Fo
  3. Mobile application compatibility chartMobile application compatibility chart [Article]
    DVR Apple IOS
  4. XD - Firmware UpdatesXD - Firmware Updates [Article]
    N.B. These firmware updates are for the XD (Mpeg4 ) and not the XDH (H.264) For the XDH Please go to Killer XDH Firmware
  5. XD & XDH Password resetXD & XDH Password reset [Article]
    Password Reset If the password has been set and forgotten, this can be reset to factory default '111111'. The process is as follows:- - Unplug the power from the DVR - Press
  6. HD - Firmware UpdatesHD - Firmware Updates [Article]
    HD 8 & 16 Firmware v1.53.04 : Download - Improved Android mobile phone videostreaming
  7. XD & XDH DimensionsXD & XDH Dimensions [Article]
    The Killer XD & XDH range of DVR dimensions are as follos: Width: 433 mm Depth: 385 mm Height: 88 mm
  8. XD & XDH Clear Log filesXD & XDH Clear Log files [Article]
    To clear the log files, go into the log and press the 'Stop' key. You will be prompted for confirmation of clearing the logs.
  9. XD - ManualXD - Manual [Article]
    Download the full manual here: XD Full Manual (7.5 Mbytes)
  10. XD - SoftwareXD - Software [Article]
    Windows XD Applications Remote Access Management software: Download
  11. Killer UM7104 - FirmwareKiller UM7104 - Firmware [Article]
    Killer UM7104 Frimware: Download Installation Process - Format a CF Card in DVR -
  12. Blade - Firmware UpdatesBlade - Firmware Updates [Article]
    Please find the latest firmware for the Blade 8 and 16 DVR's listed below Released: 31/01/2011 Blade 8/16 Version 1.53.08:
  13. Blade & HD - Windows ViewerBlade & HD - Windows Viewer [Article]
    This product is currently under development. The current version runs in Windows XP,Vista, 7 32 and 64bit versions. This application only works for the Killer HD and Blade range of recorders
  14. Killer Blade - ManualKiller Blade - Manual [Article]
    The Blade manual is available for download in PDF format via the link below. Killer Blade Manual -
  15. Killer HD - ManualKiller HD - Manual [Article]
    Please download the Killer HD manual here: Killer HD Full Manual (4 Mbytes)
  16. Killer HD and Blade network playback and backupKiller HD and Blade network playback and backup [Article]
    If you are experiencing trouble reviewing recorded footage or backing up recorded footage via Internet Explorer, it is likely to be down to the security settings within Internet Explorer. To enabl
  17. Killer Blade and HD - iPhone viewingKiller Blade and HD - iPhone viewing [Article]
    The Killer Blade and Killer HD4/8/16 support viewing via an iphone using the MobileView application. For full iPhone setup, please see the
  18. Killer HD DimensionsKiller HD Dimensions [Article]
    The Killer HD range of DVR dimensions are as follows: Width: 290 mm Depth: 180 mm Height: 42 mm
  19. Killer Blade DimensionsKiller Blade Dimensions [Article]
    The Killer Blade range of DVR dimensions are as follows:- Width: 430 mm Depth: 290 mm Height: 60 mm
  20. Killer Blade - AudioKiller Blade - Audio [Article]
    The Killer Blade supports 2 audio channels. These channels are linked to the video channel 1 and 2 respectively when recording and backing up to CD/DVD/USB. To enable Audio recording, ensure the
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