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  1. Cobra and Venom 960, Alpha, Elite - SoftwareCobra and Venom 960, Alpha, Elite - Software [Article]
    Please find links to the Software packages for the Cobra/Venom range of CCTV Recorders. Windows VMS Software (version 156):
  2. XD & XDH - Mobile Phone SoftwareXD & XDH - Mobile Phone Software [Article]
    Mobile Phone applications There are a number of mobile phone dedicated applications that offer an improved interface, however if you do not have one of the below list
  3. Odyssey & Orion - SoftwareOdyssey & Orion - Software [Article]
    The following Software packages are available for the Odyssey and Orion Range of DVRs Windows: Surveillance Client (v1.0.15):
  4. How to set up the RXCAM app on iPhoneHow to set up the RXCAM app on iPhone [Article]
    Once the app has been installed from the App Store, tap the RXCam icon on your home screen.
  5. Gemini - Software, manualGemini - Software, manual [Article]
    Please find links to the various software applications availabel for your Gemini DVR. Mobile Phone Applications Gemini iPhone/iPad viewer (Naway) :
  6. Blade & HD - SoftwareBlade & HD - Software [Article]
    The software list below works for the HD and Blade series of recorders Stand Alone (Windows) Viewing Application:
  7. Endeavour D1 - SoftwareEndeavour D1 - Software [Article]
    Windows Endeavour D1 Applications ActiveX Installer - Download CMS Software -
  8. XD - SoftwareXD - Software [Article]
    Windows XD Applications Remote Access Management software: Download
  9. Killer Blade and HD - iPhone viewingKiller Blade and HD - iPhone viewing [Article]
    The Killer Blade and Killer HD4/8/16 support viewing via an iphone using the MobileView application. For full iPhone setup, please see the