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  1. Cobra / Venom Elite & Alpha - Playback guideCobra / Venom Elite & Alpha - Playback guide [Article]
    Please find quick instructions for doing Playback on the Cobra/Venom Elite/Alpha range of DVRs. - Press Menu Enter the account/p
  2. Cobra / Venom Elite - Password ResetCobra / Venom Elite - Password Reset [Article]
    To recover the password when set and forgotten, there is a key sequence to reset the unit back to factory defaults. Press the Sequence button 20 times, then press the ESC (escape) key.
  3. XD/XDH DVR Unlock password keylockXD/XDH DVR Unlock password keylock [Article]
    This is the process to unlock the DVR if the lock button has been used or auto keylock has been enable through the menu. When you use any key the DVR will challenge you for an unlock. The '
  4. XD & XDH Clear Log filesXD & XDH Clear Log files [Article]
    To clear the log files, go into the log and press the 'Stop' key. You will be prompted for confirmation of clearing the logs.
  5. Killer HD and Blade network playback and backupKiller HD and Blade network playback and backup [Article]
    If you are experiencing trouble reviewing recorded footage or backing up recorded footage via Internet Explorer, it is likely to be down to the security settings within Internet Explorer. To enabl
  6. Jupiter - Disable Auto key lockJupiter - Disable Auto key lock [Article]
    If you wish to disable the Auto key lock on Jupiter AVC793 - Right click the mouse to open the 'Menu' - Enter your password to unlock. Default is '0000' - Click 'System'
  7. CCTV car keys micro-camera guideCCTV car keys micro-camera guide [Article]
    Please see the link below for the guide. CCTVCarKeyCam.pdf: Download (300,691 bytes)