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  1. VCam Player - SoftwareVCam Player - Software [Article]
    Please find link to the latest version of the Vehicle Camera (VCam) Software. VCam Installer: Download
  2. Twilight PTZ - Set Home PositionTwilight PTZ - Set Home Position [Article]
    If you wish your PTZ camera to perform a task when it has been idle for some time or when teh camera restarts, you would like it to start a task, the you should configure the domes home position to pe...
  3. Swann Digital Wireless Security Camera - SoftwareSwann Digital Wireless Security Camera - Software [Article]
    Windows Software for Swann Digital Wireless Security camera (ADW-300) This package includes support for Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7 -
  4. Wiring Diagram for Samsung CAT5 RJ45 Camera CablesWiring Diagram for Samsung CAT5 RJ45 Camera Cables [Article]
    The diagram below shows the connector pinouts of the proprietary cables supplied with the Samsung SDE-3003 kit. Use thi
  5. Cobra/Venom Alpha HD - Video DIP switch SettingsCobra/Venom Alpha HD - Video DIP switch Settings [Article]
    Switches 1 & 2 are to set th
  6. LPR Camera - SettingsLPR Camera - Settings [Article]
    Question: What are the best Settings for the LPR camera? Answer: This is very subjective, however the factory default settings are normally suitable for most situations. To res
  7. Twilight Pro - License Plate CameraTwilight Pro - License Plate Camera [Article]
    Please find the Instruction document for the Twilight Pro License plate recognition camera here:
  8. Covert High Definition Hidden Camera Sunglasses - Set TimeCovert High Definition Hidden Camera Sunglasses - Set Time [Article]
    To set the time on the Covert High Definition Hidden Camera Sunglasses:- - Connect the sunglasses to a PC with the USB cable - Create a text file on the SD Card called time.txt
  9. Neptune Waterproof Dome Camera - ManualNeptune Waterproof Dome Camera - Manual [Article]
    Click here to download the manaual for the Neptune dome camera [PDF]
  10. PTZ Camera WiringPTZ Camera Wiring [Article]
    Wiring of standard RS-485 devices is quite straight forward. The interface is marked with a + and a -. It may be described as TX, RX or A or B or various other descriptions depending o
  11. RS-485 Wiring DiagramRS-485 Wiring Diagram [Article]
    Question: How many PTZ cameras can I connect via RS-485 and how do I wire them up? Answer: You can link up to 32 RS-485 Devices, including any control devices (keyboard/recorder)
  12. Twilight PTZ - Setup TourTwilight PTZ - Setup Tour [Article]
    ...program in your preset positions to be used in the tour To do this use a controller:- Select the camera you wish to setup (ID: 001 for exa
  13. Twilight Neptune camera - WiringTwilight Neptune camera - Wiring [Article]
    Twilight Neptune wiring guide DC Jack 12V DC+ 12V D
  14. VueNet - IP Camera SetupVueNet - IP Camera Setup [Article]
    Quick Setup (Download this article
  15. Twilioght Pro EXD & EXDIR - Privacy Mask SetupTwilioght Pro EXD & EXDIR - Privacy Mask Setup [Article]
    To Setup a privacy mask on the Twilight Pro EXD/EXDIR Camera, you will need to open up the camera to access the OSD Menu. - Press Set - Press Right till you get to PRIV - Press Set
  16. Jupiter and Neptune DVR - Setup Motion RecordJupiter and Neptune DVR - Setup Motion Record [Article]
    Note that this details the process for the Jupiter v3 and Neptune. The previous Jupiter v2 has a different interface. To set the motion settings follow the below:-
  17. Samsung Auto Tracking (SPD 3570T)Samsung Auto Tracking (SPD 3570T) [Article]
    Question: How do I setup a Samsung SPD-3350T or 3570T PTZ camera to do the Auto Tracking? Answer: The basic process is a) Setup the
  18. Blade - PTZ SetupBlade - PTZ Setup [Article]
    Please review the manual available here: Blade Manual page The PTZ setup is covered in the manual. Some quick notes listed below.
  19. Twilight Pro & IR Dome Camera - RotationTwilight Pro & IR Dome Camera - Rotation [Article]
    Question: How do I rotate the camera 180 degrees as the internal structure does not support this? Answer: When mounting this camera to a wall, with the entry point located at th
  20. RG59 cable lengthRG59 cable length [Article]
    Question: What is the longest run of RG59 you can have without loss of signal Answer: RG59 cable will typically carry video signal up to 200 meters or 650 feet, without signal
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