XDH Pro - Firmware Updates

N.B. These firmware updates are for the XDH Pro (H.264) and not the XDH (H.264) or XD (MPeg 4)
For the XDH or XD Please go to XDH Firmware Updates or  XD Firmware Updates

Then Download and install the appropriate Firmware below

Firmware version 1.13.11 Released: 21/03/2014

What's new in this 1.13.12 firmware version?

• Improved SATA compatibility with modern drives
 Fix USB issue that could cause the backup preperation to take a long time
 Improved Hard disk drive format speed
 Memory swap improvements
 Improved recording performance/compression/quality
• Fix Audio/Video synchronization in AVI files
• USB memory sticks up to 64GB are now supported
 Fix NTP server vulnerability
 Added NTP Server enable/disable option

    Version 8: Download

    Version 1.13.12 for XDH Pro 8 Channel: Download
    Version 1.13.12 for XDH Pro 16 Channel: Download

Relaese Notes:
- Corrected an issue that could cause false REC WARN/FAIL errors
- Improved HDD format speed/rate

Installation Instructions
Format a USB stick with FAT32
Copy the downloaded files so that the files on the USB stick are listed as
‘udr7xxSBrd_x.x.x.bin‘, 'udr7xxkernel_5.bin'
Once confirmed, plug the USB stick into the XDH DVR (Either the USB above the DVD drive or in the back of the DVR)

From the DVR:
- Press ‘MENU’
- Go down to ‘System Setup’ Press ‘OK’
- Go Down to ‘S/W Upgrade & etc’ Press ‘OK’
- Update the Ramdisk first, Press ‘OK’ on ‘RAMDISK’

It will search the USB stick for the appropriate file and then begin the update. The DVR will restart.
- After Ramdisk updated, Update the Kernel, Go to the same menu as lsited above, then press 'OK' on 'KERNEL'

Previous releases:

1.13.6: 04/09/2013 - Download: 8;16
1.13.5: 20/06/2013 - Download: 8;16
1.13.3: 20/05/2013 - Download: 8;16
1.12: 20/11/2012 - Download: 8;16
1.11: 07/09/2012 - Downlaod: 8;16
1.10.3: 16/03/2012 - Download: 8;16
1.10.2: 13/01/2012 - Download: 8;16
1.10.1: 28/06/2011 - Download: 8;16
1.9.0: 28/06/2011 - Download: 8;16
1.8.1: 22/03/2011 - Download: 8;16

Kernel V5: Download
Kernel V4: Download
Kernel V3: Download
Please note that after applying this update, you may require the latest Network applications.
Please follow the XDH Software link below and download and install the latest version.

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