XDH - Software

Windows XDH Applications
Please find the most up to date applications for the XDH and XDHct (compact) recorders.
You will require the latest firmware to use all the features of the software.
Please see the XDH Firmware Page or XDHct Firmware Page

Version 1.13.8 released 12/11/2013
Remote Access Management software (RAMS_H264): Download
Remote Access MultiViewer software: Download
Unimap E-Map creation and vieiwing software: Download
Unimap E-Map Quick Guide: Open/Download

Note: Recent Windows Operating systems (Windows 7/8) may require the installation of additional Microsoft software to allow the XDH applications to function. Please install the below to ensure compatability.
       Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package

Other applications
UMV to AVI converter (Windows): Download
SmartBackup (Windows): Download

Mobile Phone applications

Apple Mobile IOS devices: Download i-Rams via the itunes App Store Or search for i-Rams from the unit.

Google Android devices: Download a-RAMS via Google Play or search for a-rams on your device

To view on any web enabled device, a basic jpeg viewer can be connected to.
The address for this would be: http://{DVR_ddress}:{DVR_Port}/jpeg.html
Then login in with the normal User ID and password

If you are looking for a manual, follow XDH Manual; XDHct Manual

Previous releases
Version 1.13 -released 30/10/2013 - RAMS MultiViewer Unimap
Version 1.12 -released 20/11/2012 - RAMS - MultiViewer - Unimap
Version 1.11 -released 07/09/2012 - RAMS - MultiViewer - Unimap
Version 1.10 -released 14/10/2011 - RAMS - MultiViewer - Unimap
Version 1.9 - released 28/06/2011 - RAMS - MultiViewer - Unimap
Version 1.8 - released 22/02/2011 -
RAMS - MultiViewer - Unimap
Version 1.8 - released 17/01/2011 - RAMS - MultiViewer - Unimap
Version 1.7.3 released 21/12/2010 - RAMS - MultiViewer - Unimap
Version 1.7.2 released 17/11/2010 - RAMS - MultiViewer - Unimap
Version 1.7.1 released 21/09/2010 - RAMS - MultiViewer - Unimap

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