Cobra HDT-A (TVI, AHD & Analogue) DVR

Please check your DVR model before upgrading! 
This firmware may cause issues if loaded on to an older COBRA HDT. This page is for the COBRA HDT-A model only.

Firmware version 15.8.044 (Released 03/02/2017)

Firmware 4ch

Firmware 8ch & 16ch

Fixes in the latest firmware -

  • Updated Web Viewer
  • Fixed bug where Fast Playback would sometimes fail on mobile
  • Fixed bug where Spot output would reset to default on reboot
  • Fixed a bug with Coax OSD controls

Emergency Firmware Upgrade

Use this when the unit isn't starting up, or when instructed by a technician. To install, open the zip file, drag the 'EMERGENCY_FW_UPGRADE' folder across to your USB stick. This will return the unit to factory default settings. The contents of your USB stick should look like this:

Turn off the machine and insert the USB, then turn back on. The screen will advise what to do next. 

PDF Manual

VMS software for Windows (Version 268, updated 30/01/17)
Default password for VMS is '1111111'

VMS Manual

RMS software for Windows (Version 440, updated 30/01/17)

Backup Player for Windows

MacViewer for Mac OS X  (Version 2.2.33, updated 09/09/16)
SmartEyesPro for Android
SmartEyesPro for Apple

Cobra HD-TVI Calculator




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