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Here you will find generic guides relating to all aspects of CCTV

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  1. questionTwilight PTZ - Set Home Position
    If you wish your PTZ camera to perform a task when it has been idle for some time or when teh camera restarts, you would like it to start a task, the you should configure the domes home position to perfom this task. The process to do this is detailed below. Before you configure the home position ...
  2. questionHow to set up the RXCAM app on iPhone
    Once the app has been installed from the App Store, tap the RXCam icon on your home screen. From the main menu, tap on Device Manager The list will be empty. From here, tap the + symbol. Now enter in your connection details. You will need the DVR IP address or DDNS hostname, the port number, ...
  3. questionPTZ Camera Wiring
    Wiring of standard RS-485 devices is quite straight forward. The interface is marked with a + and a -. It may be described as TX, RX or A or B or various other descriptions depending on the manufacturer. In all cases, the + is always connected to a + and the - always to a -. This is normally in ...
  4. questionCCTV Network Configuration Guide
    Please find a guide with regards to the configuration of your CCTV, to enable viewing remotely via the Internet Open/View the guide HERE Please also see the article regards to Dynamic DNS, if you are only looking for assistance with that setup. The Dynamic DNS is covered within the Network guide ...
  5. questionCCTV Camera Lens Guide
    See exactly how different lens types affect the field of vision of your CCTV Camera. Please note that the angles are estimates and may vary approximately 1-5 degrees. Open/Download: CCTV Lens guide
  6. questionCCTV Wiring Guide
    Learn how to install your CCTV kit correctly with our FREE CCTV Wiring Guide. Browse through our guide: Open Alternatively, view in Adobe Reader: Open
  7. questionUSB Formatting Guide
    Instructions on how to correctly format your USB pen for DVR data extraction Open or Download Note that some DVR's allow for formatting the USB pen on the dVR itself where it will automatically use the correct format.